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the mentalist 6x17

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Kim & Lisbon 

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Pike can sing this to Lisbon


Hey i just met you and this is crazy but

change your job, move to another city, marry me, have my babies, let’s die together


He’s an ilegal immigrant —My bff reply about why Pike is moving so fast and wants to marry Lisbon. (via lisbonteresa)
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God Pike you need to cool your fuckin tits like proposing to a girl after a month???? She could eat miracle whip instead of mayonnaise and you wouldn’t even know yet

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How far will Jane let things go between Lisbon and Pike? Promo shot from the season finale of ‘Mentalist Anatomy’. ;)

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I bite my tongue so you don’t hear me.

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I programmed it to announce the time every quarter hour. I think it makes me more efficient.
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